Louisa "Bang Bang" Hawton - WBO Atomweight World Champion - Q&A

FightClinic would sincerely like to thank Louisa Hawton for participating in this interview, and we wish her all the best in her campaign to win the world title! To find out more, check "Bang Bang" out here - Tess Hunt

How many years have you been doing boxing - how old were you when you started and why did you start?

I started boxing when I was 28, making the switch from Muay Thai after a bad ankle injury, I fell in love with martial arts and fighting the moment I walked into a gym. I began at Moorey's in Mandurah under the watchful eye of Dean Timms who turned me Pro in 2014, I have been boxing now for 3 years.

What other sporting background do you have?

I have always had a bug for sport, it feels like it's engrained in me, I played netball through my primary school years. When I hit my mid-teens I found myself on a skateboard, it thrilled me and captured my soul.. It was my self-expression. Dealing with 'surviving' at school, my family separation and all those crazy teenage antics skateboarding was my saving grace. It gave me focus, drive and a positive place of being while others around me where getting into some really heavy shit. I had some of the best times of my young adult life on a skateboard, meeting life friends, travelling and competing on a world level, it was a buzz. I had accomplished a lot at that age.

You're currently the WBO female asian-pacific atom weight champion and the #1 ranked world title contender! Wow! Besides on being thrilled on achieving such greatness, what were your thoughts when you won? And how long have you had this title?

I won the WBO Asian Pacific title in Aug 2015. I was pretty hyped on the night, I had a lot of support getting behind me and cheering me on. It was electric. I stopped the fight in the 3rd round and won by TKO. I was proud of myself and my team for the huge effort leading up to the fight.

What does your training schedule look like? Does this include strength training and are you particular with your nutrition?

My morning starts at 5am with a coffee and my roadwork. That normal consists of either a 8km run, hill sprints and speed skipping or stair runs which I alternate and change up. I finish my morning session with some shadow boxing, sit ups, pushups and stretches.

In the afternoon I normally start my gym work focusing on technique, pad work, bag work and sparring. I always finish up with sit ups, pushups and stretches. This session normally last around 2.5hrs.

I’m very disciplined with my diet and try to eat as clean as possible. I eat fresh fruit and vegetables with chicken or fish. I have a high protein low carb diet to stay lean. I always have an apple in my hand!

You must travel a lot for the bouts, how do you deal with the pressure?

I’ve only traveled for one fight so far. I’m hoping to be travelling more. I love travelling and in the beginning it motivated me greatly to become good enough to adventure around our world. Every fight always has obstacles to overcome, fighting away brings different pressures as opposed to fighting at home. Being away from my family and children would have to be the biggest pressure.

What are the highs and lows of boxing for you?

For me some of the highs are being able to wake up every day and be true to myself by following my heart. Knowing my WHY and getting another chance to fulfill my dream as an athlete.

Boxing like skateboarding is based on movement with an edge that gives you a rush of adrenaline it’s my way of self-expression. Being able to travel, meet new crew, see new cultures and share it with my close friends is pretty rad. I want to inspire people to be who they are and live to their potential, it doesn’t necessary have to be like me in boxing but if my story can help others find their niche I’m pretty hyped. Winning is a buzz. I won’t hide that fact that I’m competitive J

Some of the lows are sacrificing time with my family and friends. Dealing with injuries is low for me, recovery time… I haven’t mastered it yet. The financial pressure would be another, boxing isn’t all you see on Main event or on your social media….. Until and only if you crack the big screen and lucrative deals… there is not a pot of gold at the end of every day. You have to hustle hard. Anything worth it never comes easy.

You must have seen many people come and go especially women - what keeps you going?

I’m still pretty fresh to boxing myself, there will always be people coming and going. Boxing isn’t for everyone. I have met a lot of crew that have been in boxing for most of their life and for some it is more a way of living than just a sport or hobby.

I’m motivated by my goals, I had a dream burning inside me when I was young to become a champion… at that time it was skateboarding but the desire still burns strongly and I have been placed back on the path with my own unfinished business but in a different game.

What advice would you give other women who were thinking about starting boxing or who have just started?

My advice to other women thinking about trying boxing or just starting out is have fun and give it a shot, you could think about things for a lifetime but when you just give it a crack you might find you love it..

In your opinion what do you believe it takes to be successful at boxing?

It takes 100% dedication to become successful at anything, boxing is so much discipline, hard work and putting in that little extra. You can never stop learning, so become a sponge and take what works for you.   

Who inspires you?

My family, friends and team inspire me to be my best.

I’m a huge GGG fan, watching his training clips and fights motivates me.

What personal lessons have you learnt about yourself since competing in boxing?

I have found my place again as an athlete and realize this is a huge part of my makeup.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

As my favorite boxer says ‘I want to make big drama show’ and follow in the footsteps of the successful female athletes around the world creating their legacies.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I would like to thank my family who are a huge part of my journey, riding the ups and downs with me. In particular Shelz, she supports me greatly. Significant trainers who have spent extensive time developing me  Dean Timms and Justin Footit who both present very different strengths. All the great teaches of boxing I have been honored to work with from all around the world. Gyms that have welcomed me. Sponsors that have put in along the way Shane Artemis, Bigfella Industry Gear, King Supplements, Lupin Foods, The Coach & the Chiropractor, Equanimity body & Soul, BIM Drafting Services, Mal Dobson & Associates. CDL Promotions for staging my fights in Perth. All my sparring partners and fans that follow my journey and come along too watch me fight.

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