True Grit Thai Boxing - Muay Thai/Boxing

True grit is the indefinable ability to push through adversity and succeed where others wouldn't; the ability to knuckle down, buckle up, and work hard. Chantel Green embodies true grit.
A single mother of two, Chantel is the owner and head coach of True Grit Thai Boxing gym, so dedicated would be an understatement. Add to that the fact that she is only one of three female combat sports promoters in Australia (with the Futures Muay Thai show).
We could tell you about the 600 square metre floor space, the fully equipped weights gym, the full sized ring, the sauna, the front-of-house equipment store (we sort of just did), but that isn’t what makes True Grit what it is. From personal training sessions at the local park to one of the most well equipped and largest Muay Thai facilities in Perth, this gym is Chantel’s story.

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