Ringfit Boxing & Fitness - Boxing

When is boxing not boxing? When it’s boxercise... unless you decide to train at Ringfit boxing & fitness!

Head coach Daniel Rogers (a boxer with over 40 fights under his belt, including a stint training and competing in Cuba) already has an established fight team, but his dedication to impart clean technique to all of his students has led to a situation where even the most casual gym member demonstrates footwork and head movement you’d expect in a regular sparring session.

Aside from ensuring students are actually learning skills, this has created an atmosphere in the gym whereby fitness students are fully capable of transitioning to advanced classes, and from there amateur competition, seamlessly. Only if they want to of course. (Oh, and they also have Muay Thai classes) 

Many gyms have people walking in wanting to be fighters. Ringfit boxing & fitness has people leaving each night knowing they can be.

Last modified: Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 10:28 PM