Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't competitors create their own profiles?

This has to do with quality control and fighter safety. Although it would be easier (for both us and you) there would be no way for FightClinic to ensure that fight records and training experiences are valid. This then could lead to promoters and sponsors contacting competitors and engaging with them under false pretenses. By FightClinic keeping control of creating and updating profiles, we can ensure that individual and organisational claims can be verified, and updated when information is incorrect.

Is Fight Clinic affiliated with any particular organisation?

Although FightClinic has had advice and assistance from both individuals and organisations during its creation, FightClinic is a privately owned and controlled business and not affiliated with any promoters, gyms, fighters or trainers outside of normal day-to-day business. FightClinic endeavours to be impartial in all of its dealings.

Why is the profile I'm viewing loading so slow?

Unfortunately, this has to do with the connection speed of your internet, and is related to your location within Australia. Profiles are designed to load to your browser as one complete file. As some profiles are over 10mb in size, this upload can be delayed, especially if you are utilising a mobile network. Hopefully, as Australian internet speeds catch-up through the NBN and other initiatives, this will become less of an issue.

What is the maximum amount of pictures and videos I can have on my profile?

Your profile is limited by size, not quantity, so generally higher quality images and videos take up more storage space. As a general rule we suggest six pictures and three videos maximum.

How do I advertise on your website?

Simply contact us at and we can put together a pricing plan to suit your business. Space is limited, so act fast.

Why are there no sections for "traditional" martial arts?

Don't get us wrong, we are fans of all martial arts. Most traditional martial arts such as Karate, Judo etc run tournament style competitions between clubs or at a state level, and simply wouldn't require the services of FightClinic, as promoters aren't often involved in such events. But we're happy to be proven wrong. If there's a need for it, we'll provide it, just give your feedback to, or make a comment on our Facebook page.

What is the best browser to view the website with?

We have tested the site on numerous browsers, and find that Google Chrome give the best results. Some devices running on Apple iOS and other mobile devices may require a free app download before allowing the profiles to be viewed.

I have a profile but I am currently injured, or thinking of withdrawing from future competition. Should I delete my profile?

If you are out injured or taking an extended break, we can mark your profile as "inactive" to let promoters know. If you are retiring, we can mark your profile as a "Legacy" profile. It will remain visible on the website. Just email us at and let us know.

Last modified: Friday, 30 October 2015, 12:50 AM