About This Website

What's going on?

FightClinic is a dynamic and interactive online database for combat sports competitors, trainers, gyms, promotors and suppliers. The website is free to view, and requires no registration or "logging in", simply jump on and have a look around!

FightClinic is divided into different sections. Each section is made up of innovative profiles of competitors, clubs, trainers, promoters or suppliers from across Australia.

How can I get a profile?

To have a profile added to the site; 

  • select the section that best suits you (are you an amateur Muay Thai fighter? Perhaps you want to market your gym?)
  • select the "apply for..." option at the top of the section page (each form asks different questions depending on the section chosen)
  • complete and submit the online form


All profiles are free! FightClinic generates it's revenue through advertising space, so there is no cost to you to have a profile on the website!

Also, FightClinic will reinvest a percentage of it's revenue back into the combat sports community through sponsorship deals, so competitors can travel interstate and represent their clubs at national events. Get your profile up! Visit the Clinic!

To find out more about our advertising packages, please email admin@fightclinic.com.au

Last modified: Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 4:17 PM